Constitutional Illiterate


“I have a problem with people who take the Constitution loosely and the Bible literally.”  –Bill Maher

When i was a Teenager, I used to hear about the Kalabagh Dam all the time. Every other soul was either vehemently opposing it or religiously supporting it. I did not hear any technical reason for or against the dreaded dam from any mango man because none was known to him. All i knew was that it was going to flood either the then NWFP and was to convert Sindh into a Tomb. In the same manner , Constitution of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan has been an animated subject among the Media, politicians and the masses . We heard about Article 204 in the famous Contempt of Court case of the then prime minister and nowa days its the Article 63, that is the moon and stars of the mango man. The Article s Clause C obviously deals with the disqualification from parliament on dual nationality.

The point is that despite all the hype, This article of the Constitution has little impact on the lives of the Mango people.However the most important chapter of the 1973 Constitution of Pakistan is the Chapter 1, Article 8 to 28 namely the “Fundamental Rights and Principles of Policy” for the Common people. this Chapter includes words like Right, freedom, Protection etc., Sounds soothing. The same is unfortunately known as to only used to invoke writ of the High Court or the Supreme Court and has been treated as some antidote. the fact is this that its a Key to the Power of the people. This is what should be known to everyone in this country. It should be part of the Pakistan studies for the Pupils. And if they can understand the long gone movements irrelevant to today or the falsified glorious wars then they can very easily understand and learn their Rights. The Constitutional Illiterate people can very easily be baptised for their own good if somebody pays attention.


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One Response to Constitutional Illiterate

  1. Arif says:

    as u see its an irony for this part of world that this very modern world introduced so many charming jargons to this relatively immature society….. thanks to this digital age of information technology and era of globalization in which we are living in ; we are known to freedom of speech, media, fundamental rights, provincial autonomy, judicial activism, constitutionalism etc etc…. through cut and paste ideas.
    let’s grow ourselves on our own as a society!!

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