Other Side of Donor Apathy

The apathy of the Donors in addressing the non issues in the context of the issues pertaining top Pakistan is a real pity. we routinely receive funds for the maladies like AIDS, women violence etc. notwithstanding the fact that the funds are already available in terms of the institutions like crisis control centres and DarulAman etc. Still donors are adamant to pour in money into these issues and are more insistent to spend theses funds on seminars, workshops and consultancies rather then skill programs and training institutes. Donor ‘s criteria for evaluation of such gender specific programs focus more on workshop cosmetics rather then the material support. the local offices of theses famous Donor agencies exist in the posh localities. one often find Bureaucrats on deputation from lower strata of the civil service as the heads of these organizations. While not underestimating the efforts of likes of in incremental efforts of the likes of Akhtar Hameed Khan and Tasneem Ahmed Siddiqui; it is sad to see that their usual purpose is to carve out commissions from the funds and manipulate certain district governments into slowing down the projects. There is an another example of making schools child friendly, in which it is emphasized to make the schools painted and dented while not understanding the socio economic situation of the pupils of the school. The students parents require more of the support for sending the children to school despite their dire circumstances.


Taking up the case of Polio Vaccine, it is interesting to note that USA demolished the menace by using dead virus through injectable as part of routine immunization program. This is a one time immunization , therefore i fail to understand that why live polio virus administration is so vigorously pursuing the polio drops policy and admonishing countries like Pakistan that are paying with blood in the war against Polio. Although we are highly dependent on the foreign Aid , but this aid package should be designed while keeping in view the peculiarities of the Donee countries. we don’t need more support we need solid support. No program gets successful without the involvement of the community.


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2 Responses to Other Side of Donor Apathy

  1. Arif says:

    yes its really a sad story as far as invasion by the donors into developing world… but if you turn the other side of coin its important to find that what makes the decision makers so fragile against the so called development sector??
    isn’t it the lake of capacity to prioritize the needs, vision to chalk out some prospective planning and ability to execute in right direction…….
    the shortsightedness and inability to realize and challenge the issue is the root cause, it would persist till the time the we continue to hire the foreign consultants to identify our own problems.

    • quratulain16 says:

      Yes you are right..someone told me that every country is unique in its problems and only its own people can understand and resolve its issues ..only prerequisite is sincerity!

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