How to celebrate the Long March Weekend

Keeping all political Jargon’s aside, Slogan of ‘save the country and not the Politics’ has resulted into an informal weekend with forced petrol less stay at home. The dilemma now for the Mango man (off course who is not joining the march as an amused spectator or  as participant) is how to make the most of this enforced holiday. The Happier of the lot is the children who got the pleasure of bunking school legally on Monday.  Housewives have wisely stored rations and plan on creating brunches for the family ritual of togetherness . It can provide the ever busy spouses to catch up on some romance since mobile phone signals are gone as usual and wives can expect husbands to put their ever ringing phones and appreciate their new house décor or the in vogue hair colour for a change.

Such days are field days for the TV channels as they will play the news of each tyre inflated and every morsel devoured by the participants of the march. After a few hours one starts getting bored by the nonsense and would be aiming at the TV with a nearbay object. In order to avoid such a situation , bribing the cable wala to run a few good movies or permanently switching to Drama channels is recommended.

Such events as being headed by the religious leaders would have secretly found a niche in the hearts of the elderly women especially ‘Ammi jee’ and’ Dadi jee” of the house. These hidden agents of Qadri saab will definitely attempt to sabotage your ‘Day of peace’ at home and will instigate you to go and join the revolutionists. some might even get pushed out of the house to join the good cause..however to counter these villains,  one may go and announce the amount of petrol required to reach the actual place of Dharna and the expected bribe to be paid out of the pockets of the family if he gets caught by the Police in the attempt..It is also recommended to specify the difference in demand rates of the Federal, Punjab and the KPK Police for further emphasize and resume the ‘Budha Assan’ again. The teen and youths so in love with their smartphones can explore the options of  web applications allowing them to text and chat freely and easily make faces in front of the service provider adds.

The rest of the day can be spend in anticipating the Tuesday as another holiday and during this hope , exhibit solidarity with all forced to be at work and unlucky enough to fall out of the vicinity of the Container City Islamabad.


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  1. Arif says:

    A good commentry on the situation ….

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