Precious Heritage of Guliyana

Home of the famous Indian Army General ZC Bakhshi, India s most decorated soldier;  lies in the fertile land of Guliyana Village of GujurKhan Tehsil in Rawalpindi District of Pakistan. GujurKhan is a beautiful area in respect of relics of the Sikh and Moghal era. In the lush green fertile fields of the Guliyana , stand two beautiful structures of  Sikh Architecture . They have remained relatively free from the growing jungle of cement and Iron of the modern faceless architecture due to their location amidst the cultivated lands. Two such Samadhi structures lie close by and in between them one can find old wells and ancient Banyan trees.


Samadhi Complex at Guliyana

This beautiful complex of a bigger Samadhi and a smaller one stands in middle of a lush green field.  The temple is believed to have been built by Bakhshmi Moti Ram who was grandfather of Tek Chand, a renowned Sikh from the area. This structure is made of stone covered with a plaster of limestone and clay mixed with red colour to give it a reddish tinge. One side of the Structure broke when a nearby Banyan tree fell on the Structure in a recent storm.  These structures are in custody of the Hindu Auqaf department which as usual has leased them to local people and is sleeping over expenditure on its upkeep. Local people use them for storage of firewood and animal fodder.


An old well nearby

A number of old wells in working condition still exist near the Samadhi Complex. The Samadhi structure has an outer veranda covered by arches. The internal structure still has fresco painted scenes depicting the Hindu Dieties and the Sikh Gurus.


Interior Chamber of the main Samadhi


Hanuman paying regards to Ram and Sita


Baba Guru Nanak with his two companions Bala and Mardana


Lord Krishna playing flutes to his Gopis


Radha and Krishna


Maha vishnu resting on Ananta-Śeṣanāga, together with his consort Lakṣmī massaging His “lotus feet. Shiva is also shown in the painting

This particular image of Vishnu resting on the sesanaga or the king of Naga is interesting imagery not depicted in the other temples of the area. The main Samadhi is augmented by a small Samadhi structure having a dome. the paintings in the Dome depict lord Shiva, Parvati,  floral designs , Sikh Gurus and trees.


Small Samadhi adjacent to the main structure


Shiva with wife  Parvati, sacred cow is shown in the back ground


A painting showing a Sikh Guru under a Tree


Trees painted in Fresco on walls

Almost 1 kilometre from the Samadhi, stands a lone Samadhi structure, this also has a floral painted dome from the inside in a very good condition.


Another Samadhi at Guliyana


Painted Dome of the Samadhi

The beautiful structures are a few of the heritage spread across the Potohar Plateau. Its indeed a treat to visit and watch these places.


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6 Responses to Precious Heritage of Guliyana

  1. Arif says:

    another great effort in pursuit of discovering the neglected heritage of this region! must be appreciated 🙂

  2. Muhammad faheem wali says:

    Great to see a bureaucrat having her precious time out for culture and architecture,keep doing ur good work,may be someday we find a person for cares for his/her civilisation

  3. Thumbs up for yet another time-taking effort.

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  6. Sarim says:

    Really nice to see such great effort. Our great heritage sums up nearly the richest among all countries. These effort are the first drops of rain towards a beautifull rainfall of our heritage rainbow….. soon the world is going to run for……

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