Dress Makes or Breaks the Character of a woman..Literally!

It is us, the people of the Islamic Republic of Pakistan, who make opinions about men on basis of their beards and clean shaven faces and the same goes for the Burqa Clad versus Duppata less women of the work place. The concept of women going out to work is still swollen with difficulty in the small cities and towns. In this background when a woman has to earn respect at her work place , she has to show more for her so called chastity then her work at the work place. In this regard a generalization of “The good and the ugly woman” is adopted by most of the sensible women. In this manipulated battle for getting her self accepted by her peers and subordinates , she has to first get her character established and then afterwards her work.

The incidents of work place harassments do decrease when a woman is not felt approachable or desirable, however this costs a women her right to look the way she feels like. This discrimintaion of a woman s right to be judged for her morality and not her work weaves a complex web of handicaps around her whereas she is praised by her male colleagues for her piety on the expense of her self expression.

On the other hand when some of the daredevil women defy the norms and dress boldly they in their naiveness are taken advantage of. It is a matter of the slip of tongue of branding the women as of loose character and male colleagues are seen bragging about them being their love interests. This indirect harasment and social pressures to confirm hamper the progress of numerous women and this silent murder goes un accounted for.


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4 Responses to Dress Makes or Breaks the Character of a woman..Literally!

  1. Muhammad faheem wali says:

    A women or a man whether in a workplace or somewhere else has to keep her/his esteem to gain respect and character is very much part of it,however,making it synonym with dress code is literally unacceptable

  2. Aman says:

    Person has every right to challenge norms of society BUT if he/she is bold enough to stand against such norms, he/she must have courage to face the music as consequence rather than starting to shed tears. Also, norms especially regarding dress in our society are i think not something that is worth challenging. It is absolutely according to culture developed over centuries & religious (not only islamic). So, Challenging something correct which has been accepted over centuries from both religious and cultural venues is not that good an idea. Still if someone wants to do it JUST for sake of doing it, i think he should have enough courage to stand by it.
    Also in this article Harassment has been mixed with social pressure. Social pressure can be built by looking such things as bad taste rather than going physical about it. I have doubt if anyone has ever gone physical on these things….

  3. annie syeda says:

    High self esteem is a key to strong character. The problem of Dress code usually lies in our Pakistani society & that’s give rise to a high level of Hypocrisy in our daily life. Men or women pose themselves which they are not !

  4. ahmed says:

    bad. lack of knowledge. makes no sense.

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