EshwarDas’ s Quest and Miracle of the Waterfall

The Twin 84 year old Best friends wearing identical spectacles  from the Nata Chahter Village in Rawalpindi District, Pakistan,  tells the story of the blind Hindu Khatri EshwarDas and his quest to find some clear water for his daily ablutions . The story goes like this that EshwarDas was a blind Khatri who used to got the centuries old underground WaterFall to do ablutions . He was annoyed that the village people used to bring the cattle and made the water polluted . In order to cope with this situation he built two small stepped pond which collected the water. One pond was used by Hindu, Sikhs and Muslims for their ablutions alike whereas other was used by the cattle and the village women for cloth washing. This beautiful ponds still exists in the stony land of the village.


Stony Path leading to the waterfall and EshwarDas s Pond


The Portion of the Pond under which the miraculous water source is present


The stone slabs under water has names of EshwarDas and his son Krishan Lal engraved on them

The pond is surrounded by stony platforms which according to the local people was used by the Muslims to offer Namaz by the side of the pond and for morning prayers by the Hindu and the Sikhs. It is also tale of the town that  100 years ago once a draught came and all the land was converted into barren land and all wells and water resrviors dried, but this source of water for the Eshwar Das s Pond was the only one always filled with running water. The call it the miracle of the waterfall.

The water of this pond is still used for washing clothes, by village cattle , however, due to running source of the water , it cleanses itself every morning like a worshipper performing his morning ablutions. The interesting history of the Pond makes it as a unique reminiscent of the peaceful co existence of three faiths , Islam, Hindu and Sikhism.


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4 Responses to EshwarDas’ s Quest and Miracle of the Waterfall

  1. Arif says:

    another milestone in pursuit of heritage …
    marvelous work !

  2. Inder Kishan says:

    Ma’am nice work. But Ishwar and Das are not two words. Its Ishwardas … Like Abd and Ullah are not two words. Ishwar or Eshwar means the Lord and Das means the servant.

  3. quratulain16 says:

    Thankyou for the correction, point taken and corrected.

  4. Eurythmic
    It was intemerate quest then and now .

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