Happy Republic Day ! India!

Reading about the celebrations of the Indian Republic day all over social media today, just brought back the memories of the once pompous Pakistan day Parade that we used to have .  Indians tweeting about their provinces colourful floats as Rajhistan showing its miniature paintings, Kerala s ubiquitous house boats, Himachal s depiction of Rath of Devata, Chahtisgarh s Shiv and jain temples, Jammu & Kashmir showcases Pashmina and  shawl making process and so on and so forth. This gave me a sudden pang of Jealousy to be precise. Being a typical Pakistani, I miss my ego boaster whereas my neighbour is proudly showing off its assets.  I remember as a a child we waited for the wonderful 23 march Parade anxiously. My favourite part of the Parade was the amazing floats and the SSG Contingent s Double up march. We used to stick ourselves to the TV whole day and absorb the amazement of the whole show. It was a great source of learning of our diverse culture, our amazing armed forces and above all our identity. The desire to give a salute to the Green Flag on Pakistan Day was among one of the motivators that induced me to join the military.

Today, as we have abolished one or the other thing on the pretext of terrorism , we have abandoned our Pakistan day Parade. The stairs along the parade avenue, Islamabad give a deserted look on 23 March. The march past, guard of honours , fly past, display of armaments and massive floats  is all gone. In this era of demoralization how desperately we need something that can show our unity in diversity. Some advocates against the parade may consider it a waste of money and a show of some autocratic pomp; however its our tradition as Quaid e Azam inspected the First Pakistan day parade in 1948 as a symbol  of freedom from British Raj. 23 March also marks the adoption of the first constitution of The Islamic  Republic of Pakistan as the case with India that adopted its constitution on January 26 celebrating it as Republic Day .Lets Revive the tradition of Pakistan Day Celebration for Old times sake.


Quaid e Azam witnessing the Pakistan Day Parade 1948


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