In need of a Saviour-Baba MohanDas Samadhi

The body of Baba Mohan Das miraculously disappeared after his death.“The followers had no option but to divide the blanket that he used to wear. The Muslims buried it, and the Hindus and Sikhs performed their rituals. This interesting man s Samadhi stands in the Kurnali Village of District Rawalpindi.


Samadhi Baba MohanDas with a Banyan Tree in the Background

The Samadhi is located 1km south-east of Karnali village near Sukho town, Gujar Khan. The Samadhi is a two story building, square in plan and enclosed by a boundary wall. The main building stands on a high platform measuring, constructed with kanjure stone laid in lime mortar.


The Depleted Samadhi Baba MohanDas

Interesting Local traditions say,  The mystic Baba MohanDas was so influenced by Muslim saints that Muslims thought he had embraced Islam, while Sikhs thought him to be a follower of Guru Nanak. “I have heard from my elders that followers of all three religions – Islam, Sikhism and Hinduism — tried to take the body of the mystic in their custody when he passed away. Muslims tried to bury him and Hindus wanted to cremate him.” An old resident of Kurnali village narrates.


The side view two storey building of Samadhi

According to the Rawalpindi Disrtict Gazetter 1893, was a saint who ,Baba Mohan Das was a well-known Faqir who used to live in a cave dug by himself. There took place a large Hindu gathering at Karnali on the occasion of his fair. After his death in 1881, a fair was held which was attended by 10, 000 persons annually.

This once beautiful Samadhi building is now crumbling under the onslaught of robbers and local people neglect. The walls of the Samadhi have fallen and the way to the second storey has disappeared.


The Falling bricks and stones of the Samadhi

The Samadhi was used to be decorated with the fresco paintings that have gone with the time and under the influence of local looters.


Someone has whitewashed and ruinedthe interior of the Samadhi


The outer remains of the Arch of the Samadhi

This beautiful relic of the Past is reminiscent of a saint who was revered by all the faiths in the Pre-Partition time.


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2 Responses to In need of a Saviour-Baba MohanDas Samadhi

  1. MasudAkhtar says:

    Very interesting. Baba Mohan Das is a new information. Congratulations on your research.

  2. Oh about our departed lands Pindi ..couldn’t resist ..sharing

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