In the Valley of Mighty K-2

Shigar is famous as the Valley of K-2. This beautiful valley lay in Baltistan, Northern Areas,Pakistan. This valley is part of the Skardu District. The enterence to this beautiful valley is unforgetable, as while moving amidst the Mountanious peaks and vallies alongside the Indus river on the Karakoram Highway, you suddenly come across the beautiful Shigar desert.


The Mesmerizing Shigar Desert


Shigar Desert is amongst the Highest Cold Deserts of the World


A combination of White Clouds, Snowy Brown Peaks, Emerald Indus and the Green Pastures


A Sea once passed here in Shigar Centuries ago

This unexpected encounter with one of the most beautiful sight of a road that goes into the vast cold desert and you face the Mountain inscribed with” WELCOME TO THE VALLEY OF MIGHTY K-2″. However, the K-2 ‘s actual visibility is an 08 hour drive from this point and the Actual mighty 2nd highest peak of the world is at 02 days journey from this point. However, if one takes a flight from Islamabad to Skardu, an announcement is made subject to visibility when flight passes the K-2 peak and one can view this peak.

Shigar Valley is scarcely inhibited, however, Shigar hosts a Fort that has been converted into a Hotel by Serena.


Shigar Fort Enterance Tablet

Shigar Fort

Shigar Fort Renovated as Serena Hotel


The Fort also has a ‘Phoenix Tree” that is rumoured to burn it self every 100 year and reborn from its ashes.


Display at the Fort


An old Traditional Shoe pair on display in Fort

Shigar valley also hosts a small 200 year old Amburiq Mosque that is winner of the Asia Pasific Heritage Conservation Award for Agha khan Foundation.

Amburiq Mosque, Shigar

Amburiq Mosque, Shigar

The Amburiq Mosque, built by Kashmiri craftsmen in the 14C ,  has a double layered roof structure. The base roof is flat in shape and was completely built by juniper wood. The top roof is gabbled and has a Tibetan tower on top.

The beauty of Shigar valley cannot be done justice with words or images. The serenity and awe of the cold desert, the might of the K-2, the vastness of its plains, the beauty of its wooden architecture, the simplicity of its people is an amazing feast to eyes and heart.


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