Learn The Language of the Enemy

I was reminded of Sir Syed today, and of the religious resistance he got to the cause of learning the language of the Enemy-The British masters. Going through a small piece on Hamas s decision to include the Hebrew -Israel s language in the curriculum of schools and the Islamic University. The logic being given that in order to understand the enemy moves and mind you must know the language of the Enemy.

I have always been a staunch supporter of the promotion of Urdu that is diminishing  under the unnecessary influence of the Gora Sab language English that we all speak with such pride and mostly enrolling our children in a posh Private English medium School is to make them fluent in English automatically assuming that this will lead to improved intelligence. However, this small piece made me rethink my stance on my native language Urdu. Lets why not accept English as an enemy we cannot get rid of at least for the time being and learn it to just to brag about but to understand the wealth of knowledge accumulated in this language. Meanwhile , Urdu can be taught and used as a special grade enhancement incentive subject at schools. In this manner the lack of creativity on part of these private schools need to be catered and countered by the united force of the Parents. lets learn through the language and not the mere language


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One Response to Learn The Language of the Enemy

  1. sarwataj says:

    Well said, what we have to learn is to learn a language for its purpose , and not to let down another language. To make our schools teach English, doesnt mean at all to undermine Urdu, or any other regional language. Language is an add-on thing, learning one language doesnt mean to remove the earlier from your list. English will expand your access, where as Urdu will keep you firm on your grounds.

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