Why Pakistani Channels should run Omar Ibn Al Khatab series and not Mera Sultan

Mera Sultan ( a translation of the Magnificent Century Turkish Soap )  being run by our local channel has been a smash hit among awe struck people of Pakistan which has gone on a bewitched addiction with the Turkish Drama since “Ishq e Mamnoon”.

Mera Sultan

Mera Sultan

The season quadruplet is a supposedly a depiction of the court life of the Magnificent Ottoman Sultan Suleman however in actuality like all soaps depicting the sensual life of his Harem only and is being shot almost entirely on the sets and a garden. Such a depiction of a man who conquered half of the world , known as Law giver has been reduced to a mere sexual being.

After the message movie, I have not watched anything of the likes of Omar Ibn al khatab series  and seriously did not expect  anything of quality to be made by the less than perfectionist Muslims on Muslim History . Omar Ibn al Khatab was originally made in 30 Episodes by MDB to be run in Ramazan of 2012.


The series amid controversies was a success in depicting the Golden era of Just Caliphs, narrating the story of Islam through the Character of Caliph Omar Ibn al Khatab. One reason for appreciating the series is that the Omar Ibn al Khatab amazes with its graphics, the no nonsense content, realistic locations, effective dialogues and powerful performances.


A Scene from the Battle of Qadasia-Persia

The series is very frank in its portrayal of the companions of Prophet (P.B.U.H) and narrates the journey of Islam with subtle hints at the underlying political discourse of the leadership of Muslim Community. Series like “Mera Sultan” show the west’s perspective of the hidden life of Muslim Harems. Whereas Omar Ibn e Khatab though controversial in its content for depicting some companions of Prophet, in the ever divided Muslim world has everything to keep the young audience glued to the screen. Battles of Islam could not have been shot better and Khalid Bin Waleed could have been portrayed as close to his military strategy might of the Rashidun Era. The most beautiful thing is that the series is that it does not go overboard in love of Religion.

Its English subtitle version with original Arabic dialogues is a treat to watch. It’s a pity that the series has been bought and run by Turkish and Indonesian channels whereas the Pakistani Channels are still hooked to the secret sexual life of later Muslim empires. If Channels may feel a bit of social responsibility, Omar Ibn al Khatab can be used to teach our youth about the Political Islam in its formative stages without over bearing one with the ritualistic aspects of Later Islam.


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2 Responses to Why Pakistani Channels should run Omar Ibn Al Khatab series and not Mera Sultan

  1. Irfan Ali says:

    Nevertheless a brief and very sensible critical analysis.

  2. Azeem Javed says:

    i do fully agree with your analysis but i do agree with the trick by the makers of “mera sultan” who made this historical episode, a smash hit. they did so by the psychological study of the audience and providing enough spice through out the “muhtesem yuzyil”. can a historical subject be that popular in its raw state?

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