Aquarium Keeping-The Local way

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Most Aquarium keeping beginners lose heart on some very common issues like repetitive death of expensive fish and not being able to cure diseases that lead to epidemic fish death. Firstly, if you are on for the Hobby, its like raising kids so it needs patience as well as love. Do it only if your heart is in it. Here I am sharing some very localized tips to make aquarium keeping easy and inexpensive for all fancy fish lovers.

Getting An Aquarium

Most people face a dilemma that to chose between a fish bowl or an aquarium. My take is go for an aquarium may be a smaller one but it will keep the oxygen and filtration equipment easier to use. Ask a local glass shop to make you an aquarium by joining glass slabs with silicon and letting it stand for some time. Your basic aquarium is ready now and you can get it fitted from any local Aquarium shop with the filtration and oxygen pipes, a battery to run this fitted system, some ornaments and fake plants to adorn the aquarium and you are ready to go.

Getting the fish and  Beginning with the Aquarium Keeping

The regular Lukewarm tap water is filled in the Aquarium, You need to put one drop of anti-chlorine medicine (easily available from local shops) per one liter of water. Fill in the Aquarium and “do not buy expensive fish for the first time because the fish may die as it get adjusted to the water. The safest bet is either “Molly” or “Gold Fish” for the first time as the aquarium’ s water may take from 10 to 21 days to fully adjust and some Fish may die during the process. Do not over stock the fish, there should be 1 to 2 inch fish per 20 liters of water in your aquarium.

After you get the fish in a water filled bag from the shop, put it as it is in the Aquarium for at least 30  minutes so that the water and fish get adjusted to the temperature of the Aquarium. The Aquarium shops usually try to sell you  , suction pumps, thermometer at that point in time, my advise, they are useless.  Now release the fish and the bag’s water into the aquarium. And enjoy seeing fish getting adjusted to the new atmosphere.

Home made Fish Food

Not only your fish but you will eventually come to hate the hard colored granule fish food. Interestingly, the Fish like us savors the diversity in the food platter.  Here is an easy do yourself recipe for the fish food. Use and keep separate utensils for ur fish food making or else risk thrown out of mama’s kitchen.


Gelatin: as required

Lettuce or green peas or carrot (mashed) : a little bit

Some fish food granules: crushed

Some dried bloodworms or the regular frozen dead mud worms: crushed


Mix all the ingredients and cook with water as required , put gelatin and allow to cool a bit, get a redundant covered ice tray and pour into the ice tray. Keep it frozen.

Your fish feeding schedule

Main cause of your fish death is over feeding. So go slow on your fish, their pouting on you “does not “mean that they are hungry. Feed them only once a day.

Your fish feeding schedule should be :

Day 1:  Home made fish food

Day 2: Home made fish food

Day 3: a piece of cucumber for the fish to nibble on

Day 4: Home made fish food

Day 5: one regular pea lightly boiled, mashed and crushed (it’s an excellent recipe for the fish over feeding problems and a must in all fish feeding schedules to keep fish healthy).

Day 6: Home made fish food

Day 7: Tomato or lettuce or cabbage pieces for fish to nibble on

You may replace as much vegetables as you like, but usually fish do not have much of a taste for the fruits.

Some Fish related Issues and Remedies

Over feeding

Feed your fishes, a green pea lightly boiled and crushed, one week a day and you will see instances of your fish floating upside down in your Aquarium will be markedly reduced. I discovered this remedy to be simple yet very effective in simple fish diseases.

The vaccination for sick fish

If you see your fish as sick, lethargic, do not wait for it to to die and do something about it. Most of us have no clue about treating sick fish. The task is not that difficult. First of all remove the fish to a separate 1 to 5 liter container which will serve as the hospital Tank. This will keep the actual aquarium and other fishes relatively safe from the disease. Try to then identify the disease , u will need to Google your fish symptoms. The point to remember is that the fish can be treated with the same medicine that are prescribed for children in case of the stomach diseases and for others you may get medicine from the local aquarium shop. You need a droper to put the medicine into the Hospital Tank’s water, usually the dosage is one drop per fish in the water. You may not be able to save all the sick fish this way, but some may still be saved.

Changing the Aquarium water and Aquarium cleaning

1/3 of the aquarium water needs to be changed every third day and refilled with the fresh tap water. The complete water change in my opinion is not required. Every third week change 3/4 of the water of the aquarium by replacing it with the fresh water. This will keep the oxygen circulating while keeping the healthy bacteria intact of your fish habitat. During water change clean the walls of your Aquarium with simple sponge and water to avoid residual accumulation at the walls. Never use any detergent.

Happy Fish Keeping:)


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