A Pakistani woman’s take on FIFA 2014

I was obliged to look around on the day Brazil was playing Chile and the game has finally hung on the penalties. I was standing in front of a screen at a café feeling the tension and despair of a close cut game ;a glance around made me realize that women had not really given up on their more indulging tasks of Lawn shopping while leaving their male counterparts glued to the screens. As FIFA 2014 enters the final showdown after a disastrous Brazil -Germany and a drag Nederland- Argentina Contest; I am obliged to convey my ramblings on the very officially male sports of Pakistan. Here though I may add the top scorer in the game is not …it’s the woman footballer. However the conspicuous loss of interest by the Pakistani women in the game is mind boggling. I believe the Lyari women must be an exception to the exclusion clause to Pakistan’s football fever. FIFA has blessed me a better way to manage cutoff sehri time . As browsing through Express Tribune Blogs I couldn’t find a woman’s football blog. FIFA is a festive mood, the awe and enthusiasm with which fans trace and trail the cup, shades of joy and grief to infamous Pakistani Brazuca; its an experience of a lifetime. Sheer adreledene thrill keeps most men to the screen. When I first started watching the game back in 90s, my brother made me a checklist ‘Football for Dummies” it went like: Its played in a ground off course, with 11 players each and some men called forwards attack the goal defenders defend the goal post along with a goal keeper, a referee running in the field with two line man with checkered flags that catch a foul will declare “offside”. The game is most likely to be divided into 3 parts. The actual 90 min game, If no goal, an extra 30 min and if again none, Penalty kicks till one win. So its so simply summed, The rest you learn on the way. For reference try imagining Hockey field and the good old times of the Pakistani glory; this will surely makes u feel interested.
Germany has emerged as the star of the tournament, since they are personified TEAM and not a one or two star player team. In semis, their “beetlejuice” uniform they actually crushed the Brazilian pride at their home ground which was both sad and shocking for the Brazilians and the world Soccer fans alike. South American crowd resembles a lot of the Pakistani crowd and Brazil team behaved a lot like the Pakistan team under pressure. A lot of comparisons that make the game interesting for the average Pakistani man can do the same magic for women. I personally seriously quit watching the Pakistan’s Cricket team after that humiliating 1996 Cricket Quarter Final and It was then I found football to be the most exciting and easy for beginners game. Though we don’t have a Football team mostly due to our spectacularly disastrous federation culture politics; patronage of Cricket and only Cricket! This attitude has handicapped the growth of other games and has even destroyed the once magnificent national game of ours-the unfortunate hockey. But you still find Football playing boys quite frequently especially in FIFA and at all times in Lyari, Karachi. For women , however, Football is a game where you can easily find players to go ga-ga over as a starter reason to watch the game. Ladies, Its time saving first of all…at all times better than watching a Drag Misbah innings. Secondly, you can have a crush at a variety of players either Messi, Muller, Rodreiguez, Roben, Persie, Neymar, Klose and a wide set of cutest players..that is especially for the ones who watch cricket for all the players of cricket but cannot differentiate a Gugli from a Yarker. If you watch closely you can gauge and differentiate the playing styles of the South Americans from the Europeans .
Although most of us womenfolk have missed the better part of the exciting FIFA 2014 , What’s better than starting from the FIFA s Finals on July 14 for a change. The German squad has the highest average player rating among the 32 teams involved, with Argentina, their Final opponents, second. The contest is touted to be a fierce one despite Germany being the favorites after their 7-1 win against the hapless Brazil . Player to watch for Germany is Miroslav Klose who scored 16 goals in the World cup to break the Ronaldo s 15 goal score whereas for the Argentine, it’s always Lionel Messi. So let the show begin with a bigger women presence in front of the screens.


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2 Responses to A Pakistani woman’s take on FIFA 2014

  1. Sarwat AJ says:

    good keen observation dear

  2. quratulain16 says:

    yeah and quite pertinent as well..

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